Classes + Schedule

We offer classes for every level, and ensure each individual gets the attention they need. From our interactive schedule below, you can purchase and pre-book your classes from home! Just click "Sign Up" next to your desired class or event to login or create an account. You can also drop in and pay in-person at our desk 15 minutes before a class. Drop-in classes for visitors are $6 and included if you're already a member.


Class Schedule + Sign Up

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To sign-up in-person drop by Ascendo and purchase your class pass onsite.


Class Descriptions


Our classes weave supportive based instruction into a playful progressive pace. Learn the technical movements while you are encouraged to push yourself within your personal limits. Move with awareness and get motivated by our inspiring instructors!


Power Cycle 

"Power cycle" is an intense ride featuring hills, climbs, and sprints, that is sure to push you to your limits. Great music, challenging, and fun! All levels are welcome from the beginner to the experienced rider.

Hardcore Abs

Work your entire core and sculpt your mid-section. This class is for all levels and a great way to fit in a quick, but challenging workout into your busy day. The perfect lunch-time pick me up!

Circuit Explosion

Circuit explosion is a class with 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of recovery with various challenging stations of strength, cardio, and core exercises done as polymeric or hiit intensity.

Abs and Assets

Abs and Assets is a great mix working your glutes, legs, and core at a high pace to get your heart rate up while working on endurance. Abs and assets include specific movements and exercises to shape your favorite lower body part as well as core training.


Zumba is a dance fitness program. This high energy class is set to upbeat music and choreographed moves, you follow the steps working up a sweat in 60 minutes and burn between 500-1000 calories. It is a focus on strengthening your core, glutes and legs along with your energy level. Zumba is for everyone on all different levels, modification for each song that your instructor goes through with you as well. A great class with lots of laughs, fun and a great full body workout.

AM Abs

Start your morning off the right way with AM Abs. Blast your abs with a fast-paced,
fun 45 minute class focusing on strengthening your core. 
Get in, get out and get fit fast.

Bottom Blast


A workout designed to shape, tighten and tone everything below the belt. Squat, lunge, jump and kick your way through this fast paced, fun class that will leave your lower body feeling the burn. Don't let the description scare you - this class is suitable for all fitness levels! Come on in and give your finest assets the attention they deserve.

Heat it Up!

The total package! A 40 minute fat blasting workout consisting of both cardio and strength training that will leave you sweaty and your muscles fatigued! The perfect full body workout to fit in on your lunch hour!!

Every Body Revolution

Emphasizes full body conditioning with a focus on muscle strength and endurance as well as improving cardiovascular strength. This class uses a variety of equipment as well as body weight exercises to give you that push you need. All fitness levels welcome.

Silver Sneakers

A class designed for women over the age of 50 and suitable for all levels of fitness. Silver Sneakers includes cardio, agility, strength, endurance and flexibility training. On Tuesday morning we offer Silver Sneakers LITE which is a class with lower intensity. 

Ascendo Babies

It is a 40 minute long baby wearing cardio & strengthening class. Although this class is challenging, it's for all moms of all fitness levels & you are encouraged to have fun & work out at your own pace. The class is set to upbeat music & designed in a way that keeps babies entertained as you exercise. Lastly, it is a great opportunity to get out & meet some new moms & share experiences. Ages 2months to walking.

Rocket Cycle/Spin with Shannon

A combination of climbing, sprinting, hills and drills. A great way to start your day in a big way!